Our favorite health and fitness apps

Narrowing down our favorite health and fitness apps

When it comes to health and fitness apps, they are a dime a dozen. There are so many on the market how do you navigate to separate the gems from the duds?

Thankfully here at Fit Babes United we’re kinda tech nerds. We love technology and we’re kind of obsessed with health and fitness. So we’ve narrowed down our favorite apps and why they top our list.


MapMyRun training plan.

MapMyRun training plan. Sample week.

MapMyFitness. The Under Armour suite of apps is by far our favorite activity tracker, specifically MapMyRun+. The free version offers great tracking, gps, along with all your favorite stats you want with tracking your activity such as distance, time, calories burned, heart rate (with a connected heart rate monitor device) and elevation. Like most apps today you can connect with your friends and cheer each other on. However if you are more serious about your training, you can upgrade to the MVP version which gives you access to their custom training plans. We’ve trained for seven half marathons with these plans. The voice over prompts guides you through different types of runs like intervals, sprints and long runs. It adapts to your speed and tailors your plan. It’s truly is our favorite and worth every penny for the yearly subscription. At the time of writing this, the MVP subscription is $5.99/month of $29.99/yearly.

Foot path

Plan your route with footpath

Strava. While this isn’t our personal favorite app, it’s worth mentioning because serious runners and cyclists use this app. I had a running coach tell me she wouldn’t coach me until I sent her my strava runs. There seems so be a much better social network between athletes on the strava app.

Footpath. This app is hands down our favorite app for planning runs. If you have an 8 mile run planned for the weekend, you can open the app and plan your route by distance.

C25K. Want to start running? We’ve sung praises about this app many times before. This is the doctor recommended training plan to get you from the couch to running a 5K in 5 weeks. You click start on your run and the voice prompts will go over your music and tell you when to walk and when to run. No need to look at your phone, just listen for the prompts. Super easy and extremely effective.

Relive. Relive takes our tracked activity and creates a 3D video of your adventure. It’s a fun little app.

Healthy eating

MyFitnessPal. Another app we use daily. Track your food. Sounds pretty simple but this app has everything. Create and input recipes, search through databases of restaurant food, and scan barcodes for easy input. Into tracking macros instead? The subscription version of myfitnesspal allows you to view your dashboard by macros instead and set different daily and even meal by meal limits. You can also set goals, log exercises (which then adjusts your calories and/or macros accordingly) and connect with friends. This is the #1 food tracking app for good reason. This is the only app for the category because you really don’t need any other app to log your food.

Women’s health

P tracker lite. There isn’t much to tell about this app except that it’s a great, free period tracker. It tells you where you are in your cycle, when you’re fertile and when your period is due. Use it every month and it gets very accurate depending on how regular you are.

Apple Watch apps

MapMyRun+ Obviously the companion app fo our favorite activity tracker would make the list. This companion app allows you to view all your stats and pause/start your activity without needing to taking out your phone.

Seconds interval timer

Seconds interval timer

Zones for training. This little app is great if you are concerned with which heart rate zone you are in. Start it at the beginning of your activity and it will let you know which zone you’re in. We’re a big advocate of zone 2 training, this app makes that much easier.

Seconds. This interval timer is the companion watch app to the phone app. We’re putting it here because after setting up your timer on your phone, we mainly use this app on our watch during a workout. The phone version of the app will give you a voice prompt on your timer but the phone app will give a nice haptic buzz to move onto the next move. In a loud gym, having this sensory clue to move on is really great.


Achievement. Earn rewards for doing healthy activities on the apps and devices you already use. This is for real, we have already received TWO gift cards for reaching 10,000 points twice. If you are already logging your activities and using health apps, this is a no brainer. You set up the app, connect the apps you already use (MapMyRun, Fitbit, Harmon, etc) and receive points for logging that info. Be warned it takes a long time to reach 10,000 points. But considering your being rewarded for something you already do… why not?

Fitsnap. If you use Instagram for fitness related posts, use this app to put your stats on a photo of your choice.


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